Nobody knows what exactly is going on in the NFL right now, but one thing all football fans can celebrate is the sanctity of the NFL Draft, with the 1st Round happening tonight.  There are many questions about the lockout and the state of the NFL’s CBA, but we at AA have a few different questions in anticipation of ESPN’s new trim and slim coverage of tonight’s 1st round.  How many towels will be required to mop up Chris Berman’s sweat?  Will Roger Goodell be tossed any softballs by Berman between picks?  How many “guys” will Jon Gruden absolutely love?  Will Mel Kiper’s hair actually move on set?  Will any viewers be watching NFL Network instead?  If you have the answers to these questions and more, feel free to leave a comment below.  We’ll be back on Friday to grade ESPN’s coverage of Round 1 and will include the best comments in our recap so make sure you let us know what you think throughout the evening.  Happy Draft Day! 


Before the draft even starts, we have our first unique moment of the draft as Goodell makes his first appearence and is met with a chorus of chants for “We Want Football”. He did well to shake it off, but it’s hard to ignore moments like this.