Mike Francesa Rants On Rex Ryan And Everybody Else


Oh yea, that’s right, Mike and the Mad Dog split up.  Darn.  I have to admit, I was disappointed when Mike Francesa and Chris Russo parted ways in August 2008.  Thanks to the YES Network, I was able to enjoy Mike and the Mad Dog quite a bit throughout the last decade.  I always found the pair knowledgeable and entertaining.  I can’t say I’ve seen much of Francesa or Russo’s solo acts since, but I can’t imagine they would be anywhere close to as good apart as what they were able to produce together.

The following clip that I found on Traina’s Twitter though, is a classic Francesa rant and shows the best and worst of the radio host.  Whereas Russo’s rants are usually filled with the insane ravings of a lunatic… Francesa’s rants are much more arrogantly low-key.  He can destroy somebody with painstaking ease and knows it.  His target today was Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Ryan’s never-ending book tour skipped Francesa, likely because the radio host and the team have been at odds for many months now.  Ryan, who is fresh off his latest lap of the sports media sucking on his ample teet, wrote a book.  Ryan was also given the Horrigan Award by the Pro Football Writers of America for helping the media do its job.  (Shouldn’t the media be critical and report stories instead of handing out awards?)  Moreover, I questioned Ryan’s credentials for writing a book and the media love affair with the coach here at AA last week.

With that background, normally I wouldn’t be so supportive of such an arrogant montage of clips (Francesa repeatedly dismisses callers, humbly touts his humble upbringing in the second person, and repeatedly mentions his own success), but when it’s done so cooly and aimed at the likes of Rex Ryan and Phil Mushnick, it’s worth sharing with AA…

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