Seen here showcasing his uncanny ability to bring tears to the eyes of overweight beer guzzlers like myself who will never enter a stadium without a ticket, Michael Irvin delivered another rousing pre-game speech to close out the Hurricanes’ 2011 spring training. 

Having never moved beyond the high school level myself, I can only imagine the rigors of the spring session. Also, when I remember that it’s 90 degrees and about 600% humidity, I throw up a little bit in my mouth. But that’s what it takes to wear the U, ladies and gentlemen. Plain and simple. It’s a process. And if that process doesn’t lead to winning more than 7 games, there will be blood in the streets of South Florida until Michael Irvin is named head coach. 

What do you think it costs to hire Mike as a personal life coach? Whatever it is, I’m sure I could make it if I had this guy barking at me. I’d be winning blogging championships left and right like you wouldn’t believe, just killing the Internet on every level. ON EVERY LEVEL.

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