I am guessing we all have nightmares of everything going wrong at work or school, but rarely does that ever happen in real life. Unfortunately for Doug Gottlieb, everything imaginable did go wrong and it was in just under a minute and on national television.

It reminds me of the time when I had the worst first date ever in high school, which included my credit card being rejected trying to buy movie tickets (she had to pay), we were kicked out of sneaking into an R rated movie, and then my car broke down after failing to see any movie. 

Gottlieb’s string of bad luck includes a touch screen that revolts and turns into a non-functioning SportsCenter logo rotated sideways, accidentally picking the wrong team to advance to the final, and then his phone going off to the dismay of SportsCenter anchor David Lloyd, who confiscates the phone and walks off-set. At least his pants didn’t rip or fall down, I guess.

Just another epic case of the Mondays.

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