Here’s Matt Vasgersian With Two Of The More Contrasting Home Run Calls You’ll Hear

And I blame Mitch Williams, who was pretty terrible. If you do a simple name search for him on Twitter, that should back that up (and that’s not counting all the other tweeters who are undoubtedly complaining and couldn’t care enough to learn his name). But because I don’t want to write about the 10,000 things that were wrong with him today during the Tigers/White Sox game, I’ll instead focus on just the two home run calls in the 9th inning.  In the bottom of the 9th inning, with the Tigers trailing by just two runs, after being down 8-1 at one point, the Tigers hit two home runs — one a game tying, two-run shot by Ryan Raburn and then a Miguel Cabrera walk-off bomb.


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On both home runs, Mitch Williams opted to disregard his role as analyst and reacted like some kind of indifferent viewer at a bar. Instead of providing the play-by-play, Vasgersian had to play off of Williams’ lame “that’s gone,” and “gone, see ya, game over.”

Here’s how he handled it on the Ryan Raburn game-tying home run:

Vasgersian did a nice job playing off of Williams (“that one is, in fact…”), but the “GONE!!!” sounded awfully forced and a little much. Williams did it again on the Cabrera walk-off and Vasgersian basically just said eff it and let one of the least exciting calls of a dramatic walk-off home run materialize:

‘Wow’ is right. What THE … Mitch? Let Vasgersian make the call and then you can come in later with your awful casual spectatorial commentary. Or maybe I’m being easy on Vasgersian? Either way, pretty contrasting, yet equally bad home run calls, if you ask me.