Fresh off calling some game in Texas, Kevin Harlan was behind the mic for Thursday night’s Denver Nuggets/Dallas Mavericks game at the Pepsi Center. Tough life for Mr. Harlan these days — he gets interviewed by us, announces Super Bowl XLV, and then gets to call what he said was one of the best NBA games of the season, which ended in an Arron Afflalo buzzer-beater. Best series of events imaginable for an announcer, right? Yeahhhhh, best series of events imaginable for an announcer.

Have a listen to Harlan’s call of the buzzer-beater, with no regard for human life:

“Yeahhhhh! … Arron Afflalo is an assassin!” What a great call. (It’s too bad McHale followed it up with the inferred redundancy, “what a big shot”). 

Gus Johnson, your move, but you’re probably not going to be sniffin’ Harlan’s level here while eatin’ up Big Ten games.