Over the past couple months, there has been a lot of chatter about ESPN talent and their side incomes from endorsement deals. Something about journalistic integrity or double standards. As if you really needed Dicky V or Lee Corso to motivate you to go to Hooters for the third time this month.  “They really DO have good wings” is now officially the third most used excuse of all time behind “I was drunk” and “the dog ate my homework”.

Just in time to give the impression that this commercial and product is somehow associated with March Madness, Mountain Dew has rolled out a new ad featuring Erin Andrews and Kenny Mayne.

IMO the commercial is half funny as Mayne’s dry wit is entertaining but ultimately muted when intermixed with a pretty vanilla and somewhat out of place Andrews. While she is certainly soft on the eyes, playing opposite the notoriously goofy and aloof Mayne was just an odd combination. Dropping twitter bombs, wearing a purple sweater with a tie underneath reminiscent of myself at an 8th grade dance, and accompanied by the Mountain Dew Voltage entourage, Mayne would ultimately be better served by someone a bit more well versed in the art of sarcastic schilling. 

In the end though it is a memorable spot and one that does make me want to try these products. Any soda (they call it “pop” in the Midwest) that taste like its inundated with sugar and caffiene but ultimately isn’t, is always a nice change of pace when you’re craving some carbonation.

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