Kansas Basketball Announcer Briefly Loses His Mind

Let me start by being honest – I’m a Mizzou basketball fan and despise everything about Kansas basketball.  So, I was not a happy camper when the Jayhawks won in Columbia on Saturday.  As some measure of revenge, I came across this funny video of legendary Kansas radio announcer Bob Davis going crazy over an intentional foul call against one of the Morris twins late in Saturday’s game.  Kansas would go on to win the game, although for some reason most of the nation, including Kansas City and Columbia, didn’t get to see the last few minutes.  CBS says it was because of the evil schemes of sunspots, bizarre I know.  Oh well, enjoy your Monday bit of announcing insanity!  

Video: KU Basketball Announcer Can’t Believe Marcus Morris’ Intentional Foul Vs. Missouri – SB Nation


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