Juan Manuel Marquez Is No Longer Drinking His Own Pee

It was a shame that this year fans were deprived of Hard Knocks but if you’re a boxing fan, HBO has again knocked it out of the park with their 24/7 coverage of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manual Marquez’s preparation for their November 12th fight. 

Two episodes in, we have the answer to the million dollar question: Does Marquez continue to drink his own urine? He explains below…


Well I am glad that’s over. Still seems a bit odd that it took a new doctor and strength coach to plant the seed that maybe drinking your own urine isn’t the best way to get into optimal fighting shape. Perhaps they don’t have GNC stores in Mexico.

For those of you who are scratching your head in disbelief, below is the infamous clip from Marquez’s 24/7 series leading up to his whooping at the hands of Floyd Mayweather.

Disclaimer: You hit the play button… you’re going to see Marquez drinking pee. It’s disturbing. If you don’t want to see it, then just walk away.


While HBO’s full access has been awesome in many instances, the above clip is the reason is a good example when keeping it real goes terribly wrong. Viewers were totally shocked as was Mayweather’s entourage, and now Marquez’s reputation to the casual fan is now mostly tied to just a very poor choice of a beverage. 

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