Josina Anderson Struggles With This SportsCenter Report

When ESPN hired reporter Josina Anderson this Summer, the news was met with cheers from fellow folks in the media.  PFT labeled it a “great addition to ESPN’s NFL reporting team.”  Anderson has a history of breaking stories, but perhaps live stand-ups on SportsCenter isn’t going to be the best spot for her at ESPN.  The following video is such a trainwreck, it has already been compared in several places to “Boom Goes The Dynamite.”  Fortunately for Anderson, Boom Goes The Dynamite was four times as long.  Unfortunately for Anderson, this happened live on national television…

Hannah Storm finally saves her, and Anderson eventually finished the rest of the segment after the video ends.  Here’s an attempt at a transcript of Anderson’s less than smooth report…

“Good morning Hannah, you know, Lions trying to play their best without RB Javhid Best after not having the best year of his career.”

“Now, meanwhile, Maurice Morris is likely to get the start… umm… Maurice Morris is likely to get the start after running, excuse me, after having a hundred yard rushing game in replacing Best last year.”

“As for the Atlanta Falcons, WR Julio Jones is expected to still be out there possibly, umm… excuse me… WR Julio Jones is still listed as doubtful… after…. ok…. but Roddy White says…”

Yipes.  It was all downhill after the consecutive back to back “Best” puns was blown up like an angry Ray Lewis rampaging into the backfield.  I almost feel bad for Anderson for that to take place on live TV.  That’s the reporting equivalent of Saints 62, Colts 7.

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