A “Sweet” 16 “loss” in the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament was not enough to deter John Sterling from continuing his proud tradition of being awful. When a Yankees fan sent lyrics that they altered from the Sammy Davis song, “Candy man,” Sterling deemed it necessary to sing them during the broadcast. In my opinion, this is truly one of ThEeEeEeee worst things you’ll hear an announcer do during this entire baseball season. But, that’s just John Sterling being John Sterling. He even almost pulls off something that I didn’t think was possible, making me dislike Curtis Granderson. If you aren’t a Yankees fan, and for whatever reason you subject yourself to one of his broadcasts I can almost guarantee there will be a moment during the game when you debate if stabbing yourself in the brain with a q-tip would be a better use of your time. The Yankees end up winning an instant classic, 17-7 over the A’s. In my opinion, the A’s weren’t the biggest losers of the night. Instead, we were the biggest losers, we were.