Who’s back you might ask?

Someone that is so legendary in the annals of Awful Announcing and the sports blogosphere, that we commemorate his contributions to the sporting media via immortalization on the Mount Rushmore of Awful Announcing.  After what seemed like an eternity away from the airwaves, this man has returned…

Joe Morgan is back folks!  The former ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst and scorn of intelligentsia will be the new host of… prepare yourself… The Joe Morgan Show, an hour long daily sports show covering all topics in the world of sports.  For those of you out there that have longed to hear Joe’s thoughts on the 3-4 defense, LeBron James, and the offside trap, your wish has finally come true!  Before you get too excited (worried), The Joe Morgan Show will be syndicated from Sports USA Radio, which is an “independent national syndicator of sporting events.”  In other words, you will probably have to work hard to actually find The Joe Morgan Show (the network currently has 111 followers for its Twitter account).  Here’s some details and a quote from the man himself from the Sports USA Radio release

Sports USA is pleased to announce the debut of “The Joe Morgan Show” on August 22.  The one-hour show will be hosted by baseball Hall of Famer and Emmy Award winning analyst Joe Morgan. Airing Monday through Friday year-round, the show will feature conversations, opinions and news from every corner of the sports world.

“While I’m best known for baseball, I’ve always had a love of all sports,” said Joe Morgan.  “I’m fortunate that my career has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people, and I have heard so many remarkable stories.  With my new show, I am looking forward to sharing these stories, as well as speaking with today’s sports personalities and newsmakers.”

This is just too good to be true.  There are a couple other sentences in the press release that are just laugh out loud funny, referencing Joe’s “overall knowledge of sports” that “will captivate sports fans nationwide.”  Also, a shout out to Joe’s “extremely loyal fan base.”  I wonder if they are talking about these guys.  Seriously, if you want to kill a good six to seven hours then read over Joe Morgan’s ESPN chats that are worthy of placement in the Smithsonian.  And now, we’ll be blessed (cursed) with that same wisdom and expertise every Monday through Friday on a limitless array of topics.  The possibilities are endless.  

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