Let’s see…our next matchup to crown the newest face on AA’s Mt. Rushmore doesn’t feature anyone who’s been in the news recently.  It’s not like revelations and accusations about Craig James’s quest to ruin journalistic integrity at ESPN have been running rampant the last few days.  Thank God Bruce is free by the way.  Yes, Senator James has been making many enemies in the blogosphere recently. But will his newfound villainy be able to match the lame longevity of Rick Reilly?  While I’m trying to think of a stupid Reilly-esque essay, why not go ahead and vote on who’s the more repulsive sports media personality?

Rick Reilly vs. Craig James


Rick Reilly

Fact File: ESPN reporter, essayist, and columnist

Why He’s Here: Reilly isn’t primarily a TV guy, but appears enough on the family of networks to make the cut.  Whether it’s Homecoming, analysis on golf or other sports, or just pointless segments… Rick Reilly usually leads one to reach quickly for their remote.  In addition, Reilly has been caught mailing in columns and dismissing bloggers and new media.  Does anyone in sports do less for their millions of dollars?  Bobby Bonilla not withstanding…


Rick Reilly on Rory McIlroy
Surprise! Rick Reilly Takes Down Bloggers In Journalism Speech
Reilly Column On Jimmer Fredette
Rick Reilly Takes A Page From His Own Book

Round 1 Result: Defeated Hawk Harrelson  58.7% – 41.3%


Craig James

Fact File: ESPN college football game and studio analyst

Why He’s Here: James became an integral part of one of college football’s biggest stories when his son Adam’s allegations of being locked in a closet led to Mike Leach’s firing at Texas Tech.  This led to an awkward series of revelations made by Leach about Craig’s meddling in his program, lawsuits, and other developments.  ESPN was put in the position of having one of their analysts be an integral part of the controversy.  How did Craig James respond?  Well, rumor has it he wants to be a Senator of course.  And now that his coverup and controversy briefly resulted in the “suspension” of respected CFB writer Bruce Feldman, James is more despised than ever.


Craig James Wants You To Help Texans Help Save America
Announcer working Alamo Bowl gets Alamo Bowl coach suspended
Craig James running to the Senate
Craig James loses it

Round 1 Result: Defeated Mike Patrick  75.17% – 24.83%


Craig James defeated Rick Reilly  66.32% – 33.68%