I’ll freely admit that this matchup might be the hardest of the Second round to predict.  On one hand we have Michael Irvin, who many fans are seeing in a new light after his comments in support of gay athletes.  Despite his sometimes non-awfulness, there’s still plenty of self-promotion and forced guffawing to go around for the former playmaker.  On the other hand, there’s Pierre McGuire, who probably doesn’t grate on casual hockey fans the way he does on the hardcore hockey followers.  Heck, the way some despised McGuire, you’d think he was the commissioner of the league or something!  The winner joins these six names in the Quarterfinals: Joe Buck, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Chris Berman, Jim Gray, and Craig James.  Do your best AA Nation!  Tell us which analyst is more worthy of following in Joe Morgan’s awful footsteps.

Pierre McGuire vs. Michael Irvin



Pierre McGuire

Fact File: NHL on NBC inside the glass analyst

Why He’s Here: There are many hockey fans that just don’t like Pierre McGuire.  It could be the way he gushes about certain players, the way his cliches and style grates, or even how he pronounces certain words.  Mainly, it’s the way McGuire carries himself as an expert in spite of his 23-37-7 record as an NHL head coach.


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Round 1 Result: Defeated Reggie Miller 57.62% – 42.38%


Micheal Irvin

Fact File: NFL Network studio analyst

Why He’s Here: The former Cowboys receiver is the poster child for the staged guffawing that has infested NFL studio shows.  Irvin has never lasted in one place too long, jumping from Fox Sports Net to ESPN and now to NFL Network.  Irvin can be sincere, honest, and moving when he wants to be (see his Hall of Fame speech and statements in Out Magazine), but it’s rarely ever seen in his television work.


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Round 1 Result: Defeated Dick Stockton 71.61% – 28.39%


Michael Irvin defeated Pierre McGuire  69.1% – 30.9%