In the first of today’s matchups we have what can best be described as a contrast in styles.  Though neither of these two were considered favorites at the start, both were impressive in their 1st round victories.  Gray walloped the King of Puns Jim Nantz in taking over 75% of the vote while Thom Brennaman comfortably took out “THAT GUY” Jon Gruden.  But, who has enough awfulness to make it to the not-so-Elite 8?  So who will advance to join Skip Bayless, Joe Buck, Chris Berman, and Colin Cowherd?  The snake in the grass reporter, or the monotone man with the unending Tebow love?

Jim Gray vs. Thom Brennaman


Jim Gray

Fact File: reporter and interviewer for ESPN…or the highest bidder

Why He’s Here: Two words – The Decision.  Jim Gray’s involvement in The Decision  led to plenty of jealousy from fellow sports media personalities and plenty of fury from sports fans.  At least his pointless stalling in that interview wasn’t as contentious as his infamous interview with Pete Rose. But, there’s also many other examples of Jim Gray’s sterling career.


Jim Gray’s Awful Super Bowl Sign Off
What Happened To Jim Gray?

Jim Gray Tries To Fight Corey Pavin, Gets Dumped By Golf Channel
How Jim Gray Helped Orchestrate The Decision

Round 1 Result: Defeated Jim Nantz 78.15% – 21.85%


Thom Brennaman

Fact File:


Play by play man for NFL and MLB on Fox,  Big Ten Network football, and the Cincinnati Reds

Why He’s Here:

Brennaman’s national rep has never quite recovered from his creepy obsessive man crush on Tim Tebow during the 2009 National Championship Game.  His run at the top of college football lasted a short time (although Fox didn’t exactly put him in a position to succeed with those 9,000 band shots).  

Round 1 Result: Defeated Jon Gruden 58.32% – 41.68%


Jim Gray defeated Thom Brennaman 77.89% – 22.11%