Our second Day 1 matchup features two kingpins of AA’s past and present.  You can click here in case you missed today’s first matchup between Woody Paige and Skip Bayless.  Hawk Harrelson is actually looking to regain his place on Mount Rushmore after originally being on the AA banner before being axed for Pam Ward.  Hawk now turns to the people to try and get back on the board…. YES!!  While Rick Reilly isn’t an announcer, he sure is awful, and has enjoyed a rich history being called out by sports blogs.  While he is mostly a columnist, his “essays” and television specials are tough to stomach and earn him a place on the list.  A unique matchup to say the least, but who is more awful?  That’s up to you to decide!  Remember, come back tomorrow morning for the results and for two new first round matchups!

Rick Reilly vs Hawk Harrelson


Rick Reilly

Fact File: ESPN reporter, essayist, and columnist

Why He’s Here: Reilly isn’t primarily a TV guy, but appears enough on the family of networks to make the cut.  Whether it’s Homecoming, analysis on golf or other sports, or just pointless segments… Rick Reilly usually leads one to reach quickly for their remote.  In addition, Reilly has been caught mailing in columns and dismissing bloggers and new media.  Does anyone in sports do less for their millions of dollars?  Bobby Bonilla not withstanding…


Rick Reilly on Rory McIlroy
Surprise! Rick Reilly Takes Down Bloggers In Journalism Speech
Reilly Column On Jimmer Fredette
Rick Reilly Takes A Page From His Own Book

Hawk Harrelson

Fact File: Play by play man of the Chicago White Sox

Why He’s Here: Hawk Harrelson was originally on AA’s Mount Rushmore before being removed in favor of Pam Ward.  As a rare local announcer on the list, Hawk Harrelson deserves to be in this crowd because of his over-the-top, unabashed homerism.  Often noted for yelling instructions and encouragements (Get up!  Stretch!) during the broadcast, he’s more of a cheerleader than an announcer.


Hawk Harrelson Blames The White Sox’s Inefficiencies On “Negative Sound Waves”
Hawk Harrelson Will Not Be Downloading “Country” Joe West’s Album On Itunes
Hawk Harrelson Goes Silent For Toronto Walk-Off
Hawk Harrelson’s Buerhle Call


Rick Reilly d. Hawk Harrelson 58.7% – 41.3%


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