In the next matchup of the Joe Morgan Memorial we have two controversial figures, and the shocking news is that the more recent figure embroiled in controversy isn’t Deion Sanders.  First up, here’s the results from yesterday…

Tony Siragusa d. Jack Edwards 71.55% – 28.45%
Thom Brennaman d. Jon Gruden 58.32% – 41.68%

That means 1/4 of the second round draw is complete – Skip Bayless, Rick Reilly, Tony Siragusa, and Thom Brennaman.

With revelations in the ESPN Book, Mike Tirico has suddenly become a polarizing figure in the world of announcing.  But will his dulcet tones and smooth delivery be enough to keep him from advancing?  Or will the overwhelming and overbearing presence of PrimeTime be enough to send him into the next round of awfulness?  Let’s see how they stack up!


Mike Tirico

Fact File: ESPN play by play man for Monday Night Football, NBA, golf, and college football

Why He’s Here: Aside from certain personal exploits, Tirico’s play by play often sounds incredibly forced, especially for NFL and NBA games.  It’s a phenomenon that is hard to put into words, almost as if his smoothnes feels over the top and phony.  The personality depicted in the ESPN book doesn’t help his likability factor.


ESPN Book Excerpt: Tony Kornheiser And Monday Night Football
Mike Tirico Is Really A Creep
The MNF Boys Aren’t Impressed With College Football 

Deion Sanders

Fact File: NFL Network analyst

Why He’s Here: Deion Sanders could be given a nightly two hour long show to talk about only himself, and fill it with 20 hours to spare (he would have to sleep some).  No other analyst is so self-aggrandizing than Primetime, who has carried that same swagger to his analyst positions.  To put it in perspective, CBS dumped Deion for Shannon Sharpe.  Ouch.


Deion Dropped By CBS
Deion Sanders’ Extremely Awkward Appearance On Mike And Mike
Deion Criticizes Former Pupil Dez Bryant, In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black 


Deion Sanders d. Mike Tirico 69.59% – 30.41%