Watch the smarminess explode in this next matchup of the Joe Morgan Memorial between these two Jims off the old block!  There may be no sleazier sports figure on television in history than Jim Gray with his exploits covering the gambit from making a sympathetic figure out of Pete Rose to asking LeBron about his fingernails.  But, will Gray’s general scumminess be enough to overcome the King Of All Puns…Jim Nantz?  Remember AA Nation, it’s Nantz’s cozy relationship with CBS execs that most likely forced out Gus Johnson, halting his dream of announcing the Final Four.  So much awfulness to choose from, but only one winner!



Jim Gray

Fact File: reporter and interviewer for ESPN…or the highest bidder

Why He’s Here: Two words – The Decision.  Jim Gray’s involvement in The Decision  led to plenty of jealousy from fellow sports media personalities and plenty of fury from sports fans.  At least his pointless stalling in that interview wasn’t as contentious as his infamous interview with Pete Rose.  But, there’s also many other examples of Jim Gray’s sterling career.


Jim Gray’s Awful Super Bowl Sign Off
What Happened To Jim Gray?

Jim Gray Tries To Fight Corey Pavin, Gets Dumped By Golf Channel
How Jim Gray Helped Orchestrate The Decision

Jim Nantz

Fact File: Unquestioned #1 play by play man at CBS.  Lead announcer for the NFL, March Madness, and golf coverage

Why He’s Here: Hello, friends.  Jim Nantz isn’t liked by some sports fans simply because he held Gus Johnson’s chair at the Final Four in a vicegrip.  Nantz is perhaps too professional as an announcer as his overly smooth and polished style sometimes turns off viewers.  While Nantz has his moments, he has never been fully accepted by college basketball and NFL fans as their lead announcer.  And then, there are the puns.  Oh, the puns. 


Jim Nantz Caught Practicing One Liners
Jim Nantz Drops Three Dog Puns At End Of Uconn/Butler National Championship Game
The Jonas Brothers Have A Fan In Jim Nantz 
Jim Nantz Has An Oil Painting Of Himself


Jim Gray d. Jim Nantz 78.15% – 21.85%