Thanks to everyone who made Day 1 of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament a rousing success!  We had over 5700 total votes in both polls.  Here’s your results from the first two matchups:

Skip Bayless 77.91% defeated Woody Paige 22.09%
Rick Reilly 58.7% defeated Hawk Harrelson 41.3%

Who will join those two in the last 16?  There’s still plenty of great battles in the first round to come, including two more today.  Up first is a duel between hockey and football, local and national, play by play and analyst.  The maniacal genius of the microphone, Boston Bruins play by play man Jack Edwards, squares off with the swollen sideline specialist, Tony Siragusa.  Whose unique brand of announcing is more awful though, Jack’s crazy homerism or Siragusa’s… wait, what does he do exactly on a broadcast…

Jack Edwards vs Tony Siragusa


Jack Edwards

Fact File: Boston Bruins play by play man

Why He’s Here: Edwards reached a new realm of internet fame after leaving ESPN to become play by play man for the Boston Bruins.  His unique brand of homerism shaped with just a tinge of mental instability leaves viewers either entertained, bemused, or fearing for their own safety.  Edwards can rant, scream, laugh maniacally at opposing players, or give an American history lesson with the same level of panache and insanity.


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Tony Siragusa

Fact File: NFL on Fox sideline reporter and analyst

Why He’s Here: Siragusa has been one of the pioneers of the field level analyst.  Hockey has gone to an analyst/reporter inside the glass, but Siragusa’s role in Fox’s coverage is basically the same thing.  The idea in theory isn’t bad, but in practice it usually disappoints.  Siragusa is much more useful telling bad jokes, talking about food, or wasting time rather than providing anything of substance…. like analysis.


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Tony Siragusa d. Jack Edwards 71.55% – 28.45%


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