This Sunday matchup appropriately pits two former NFL offensive linemen against each other – former Bengal Dave Lapham gets down in the trenches with former Redskin Mark May.  Lapham is a dark horse in the field, but appears because of his homeristic announcing from the analyst position on Bengals radio and his work nationally on FSN college football.  He faces stiff competition in conspiracy theorist and SEC homer Mark May… strange for a guy who went to Pitt.  Only one former O-Lineman can pancake their opponent in this matchup though.  First, the results from yesterday, where two other former NFL players were victorious…

Joe Theismann d. Mike & Mike 65.70% – 34.30%
Craig James d. Mike Patrick 75.17% – 24.83%

Dave Lapham vs Mark May


Dave Lapham

Fact File: Fox Sports Net college football analyst and Cincinnati Bengals radio analyst

Why He’s Here: Lapham may be one of the lesser known names on this list, but he’s just as big of a local homer as men like Sterling, Harrelson, and Edwards… except from the analyst position.  The former Bengal doesn’t show it as much on FSN, but he constantly screams and cheers over his play by play man on Bengals broadcasts.  Lapham is a poster child for analysts annoyingly shouting FUMBLE!! or TOUCHDOWN!! over their play by play partners and it’s just as annoying as Hawk Harrelson yelling STRETCH!!


Lapham is utterly confused
This is what a homer analyst sounds like on a game winning drive
More fun with Dave

Mark May

Fact File: ESPN college football game and studio analyst

Why He’s Here: Mark May is persona non grata in Big Ten country, especially with Ohio State fans as his bizarre feud with the Buckeyes led to “Mark May sucks” chants at the Sugar Bowl.  May’s analysis and teams that he dislikes or criticizes seems to be completely random and changes every 8 minutes.  May must like playing the villain role because his analysis often takes an antagonistic, critical role.  Therefore, it’s not just Buckeye fans that don’t take a liking to him, but rather most all college football fans.  If he offered good analysis, this might be more acceptable.


Conspiracy Theory Starring Mark May
In Something New, Mark May Is A Joke
Terrelle Pryor vs Mark May
Lou Holtz laughs at Mark May getting booed and a “Mark May Sucks” chant


Mark May d. Dave Lapham 65.07% – 34.93%

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