It’s time for our last matchup in the Joe Morgan Memorial Elite 8.  Already, one of Monday’s semifinals is set with Chris Berman facing Craig James.  The winner of our final Elite 8 matchup today will face the gross Colin Cowherd in our other semifinal.  Who will it be?  Will it be sports broadcasting’s chosen one that has faced the ire of fans for his moribund play by play… or the sleazy reporter that still wants to take credit for The Decision.  Your decision is a tough one, Joe or Jim, who deserves to be on AA’s Mount Rushmore the most?    

Joe Buck vs Jim Gray


Joe Buck

Fact File: Fox’s #1 play by play man for NFL and MLB.  Has announced several World Series and Super Bowls.

Why He’s Here: Joe Buck has quickly risen to the top of the most disliked sports announcers.  His dry, monotone style doesn’t quite fit in with an age where Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan are two of the more popular sports announcers in the business.  Beyond that though, Joe Buck has a certain air of smugness towards his announcing duties, even admitting in the past that he isn’t that big of a sports fan.  His attempted and failed late night career told sports fans that he had bigger and better things to do than announce the biggest games in sports.


Joe Buck Doesn’t Enjoy Baseball Anymore
Real Tweets From Real People – Joe Buck
It’s Time For Fox To Sit Joe Buck
The Artie Lange Interview

Round 1 Result: Defeated Chris Rose 72.53% – 27.47% 
Round 2 Result: Defeated Deion Sanders 55.21% – 44.79%

Jim Gray

Fact File: Reporter and interviewer for ESPN…or the highest bidder

Why He’s Here: Two words – The Decision.  Jim Gray’s involvement in The Decision  led to plenty of jealousy from fellow sports media personalities and plenty of fury from sports fans.  At least his pointless stalling in that interview wasn’t as contentious as his infamous interview with Pete Rose. But, there’s also many other examples of Jim Gray’s sterling career.


Jim Gray’s Awful Super Bowl Sign Off
What Happened To Jim Gray?

Jim Gray Tries To Fight Corey Pavin, Gets Dumped By Golf Channel
How Jim Gray Helped Orchestrate The Decision

Round 1 Result: Defeated Jim Nantz 78.15% – 21.85%
Round 2 Result: Defeated Thom Brennaman 77.89% – 22.11%


Joe Buck defeated Jim Gray 56.34% – 45.66%

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