Let me be honest right off the bat.  I’m not a Team Coco guy.  I mean, he’s ok, but I wasn’t crying inconsolably for months when he got booted off the Tonight Show, nor was I waiting like a kid at Christmas for his TBS return.  But, when I heard that Joe Buck was going to be on Conan, I knew I had to check it out.  This interview is about what you would expect, with Buck drooling over sitting in Conan’s seat (or Andy Richter’s for a matter of fact).  I’m trying to figure out what the highlight is in this interview, because it’s certainly not Super Bowl talk.  Is it exciting mascot talk?   A-Rod getting hit by a baseball?  Joe Buck’s lame attempts at humor?  Robot genitalia?

Could this be a predecessor to the return of Joe Buck Live???  We can only hope.  I just wonder why Conan didn’t ask Joe Buck about Maxim’s Joe Buck mute button for the Super Bowl… now that would have made for a fun interview!

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