Joe Buck and Tim McCarver begin announcing their record 14th World Series together tonight as the Cardinals host the Rangers in Game 1.  Seeing as how most baseball fans view Buck & McCarver with the same excitement as an extended visit to the mound, this is not a cause celebre for America.  Nevertheless, that’s how Chris Rose intro’d Buck as he threw it up to the broadcast booth.  

And it was in this moment, before Game 1 of the World Series, that Joe Buck shockingly said the one word America has wanted to hear from him for those 14 years.  “Sorry.”

Yes, Joe Buck actually apologized to the American public for his unbreakable, borderline tyrannical reign in the MLB on Fox broadcast booth.  Crazy, right!  Maybe Joe’s relationship with baseball fans is finally going to turn over a new leaf!  Or… maybe Joe was being sarcastic and the following video will actually make America dislike him even more…

“And for the fourteen years, I’d like to say to you the viewing public… SORRY!” – Joe Buck

If you haven’t thrown a mug at your computer screen and you’re still with us, I think Joe was trying to be cute and funny with that joke and let us all know he’s aware America despises him as the voice of major pro sports in this country.  Except, Joe’s “apology” came off as pleasant as Tony La Russa’s nasty shingles.    What better way to start another Fall Classic with our buddies Joe and Tim!

Time will tell if America accepts your “apology” Joe.  My guess is baseball fans are checking for their radio feeds first.

Thanks to Nathan Heitkamp for sending in the video!

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