Jim Gray Gave The Most Jim Gray Interview Possible This Weekend

I’m not going to pretend that I was following Showtime’s Bantamweight Tournament closely, but Bloguin’s boxing blog The Queensberry Rules has the details in case you’re interested.  Our interest in the tournament final between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko actually came after the fight when the one and only Jim Gray got involved.

Evidently, Mares repeatedly hammered Agbeko with low blows (ouchie) that weren’t spotted or penalized by Russell Mora.  Andrew Golota would be so proud.  After Mares won a decision, a rabid Jim Gray went straight for Mora, foaming at the mouth.  I’ll actually give Jim Gray credit for something, he’s one of the ballsiest interviewers anywhere.  I can’t think of a reporter that would be so blunt (“this quite possibly has been one of the worst officiated fights in years”) and aggressive in an interview.  Not seeing the fight, I can’t say Jim Gray’s version of reporter justice is totally in the right here, but it sure does make for a newsworthy interview…


Too bad Jim Gray couldn’t have interviewed Jim Gray in this way after The Decision and told him he was “way off.”  What do you think, was Jim Gray aggressively over the top or doing his job in this confrontational interview?  

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