This week, former ESPN blowhard Jay Mariotti pleaded no contest to stalking and assault charges due to the latest domestic violence episode with his ex-girlfriend in Los Angeles.  This is now Mariotti’s second no contest plea in about a year relating to domestic violence charges.  Details from the Los Angeles Times

Former ESPN sports personality Jay Mariotti pleaded no contest Tuesday to stalking and assault-related charges in exchange for community service and probation, authorities said Tuesday.

Mariotti, who faced up to five years in state prison if he had gone to trial and been convicted on all counts, will not spend any time behind bars. Under the plea before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney, all five counts — including three felonies — faced by Mariotti will be reduced to misdemeanors, officials said.

Mariotti entered the no contest plea and will now avoid jail time, being put on probation, and having to do counseling and community service.  With his life defined by words like stalking, assault, and domestic violence… one would think that Jay Mariotti would want to fade away from the spotlight and get his life together.  After all, he’s alleged to have three instances of domestic violence in just over a year and pleaded no contest to charges in two of those episodes.  But, stepping away wouldn’t really be like the Jay Mariotti we’ve all come to know and be horrified with.  No, Mariotti’s going to write a book about his “ordeal.”

“Although Mr. Mariotti would have liked to have told his side of the story at trial, the fact that he is an accomplished writer provided him another avenue, in this case a book, to tell his side in an unconventional but progressive manner.”

And that’s not all, Mariotti joined Twitter (he has a whopping 190 followers at the time of writing this) and is promoting said book, which will be for the Kindle.  If you were expecting some sort of mea culpa, you are sadly mistaken…

So, to promote his book, Mariotti is accusing his ex-girlfriend, the one who was found with cuts and bruises after an alleged altercation with Mariotti, the one who allegedly had her hair extensions pulled out at a restaraunt, of “stalking” and being “enabled” by the LA legal system.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on whether or not Jay Mariotti’s quest for vindication is worthwhile.  The fact that Mariotti’s Twitter profile pic is self-taken like he’s in junior high and he’s wearing sunglasses indoors immediately causes me to immediately question his credibility.  

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