Last week, we had the distinct pleasure of sharing with you the 13 craziest clips of former SportsCenter anchor and current Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards.  His greatest hits range from bizarre German accents to bizarre speeches to bizarre yelling to bizarre American history lessons.  Come to think of it, all of the clips are bizarre… but definitely entertaining.  I don’t even think you can classify it as either “good” or “awful” announcing… it stands on its own, unique merit.  Regardless, Crazy Jack is swiftly becoming one of AA’s favorites.  He was at it again after Boston’s Game 7 OT win over the hated Canadiens.  Congrats if you spun the Jack Edwards Roulette Wheel Of Insanity and landed on American history lesson.  You’re a winner tonight!

Thanks to @roneface for finding the full video. The ending that the original post references starts about 1:30 in

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