As Americans, it’s safe to say that while the NFL is going on, no other sport really matters. The incredible catches, the hard hits over the middle, and even some touchdown passes might be enough to make a grown man cry.

But just think how emotionally overwhelmed you would be if you had an announcer calling your game like this guy in the video below?

This avid soccer fan goes by the name Tiziano Crudeli and is known for his passionate calls for his favorite team, AC Milan. In various YouTube clips, you can see Crudeli getting angry while his team is losing and switching gears to almost fist pumping like Pauly D and Vinny on Jersey Shore all well yelling “GOOOOAAALLLLLLL” enough to piss off the opposing team’s announcer sitting right next to him.

You have to admire the passion behind his play by play, but if you were the announcer for the other team in the video above, how much strength does it take to resist the urge to punch him out after the 27th time he has yelled “GOALLLLL”?  As much as we find entertainment value with crazy soccer announcers, I’m not sure most of us have the emotional wherewithal to deal with someone who practically cries after a goal, especially if I am a fan of the other team.

I know if my NFL team was losing and the person sitting next to me yelled “TOUCHDOWWWNN” over and over again, he might take an “accidental” fall down the stairs after the game.