Coming to rescue us from the doldrums of the tireless coverage of the Broncos QB situation and the drama of the NBA lockout is college basketball season! What that also means is we’ll get Gus Johnson back in our lives on a more consistent basis and that certainly is never a bad thing. Unfortunately, the Big Ten Network will be the only place to find him calling college hoop this season. Here’s the nitty-gritty from a press release from the B1G

America’s favorite play-by-play announcer, Gus Johnson, returns for his fourth basketball season on BTN.  Johnson is scheduled to call nearly 30 men’s basketball games this season, including the network’s four Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament games

Ha-Hah! It’s always great to know that the Iowa/Penn State game might be spiced up exponentially due to Gus willing the game to go into multiple overtimes. You also gotta love that the Big Ten Network puts out press releases to celebrate that they have the most popular college basketball announcer on their network. Last year, they even put out a commercial celebrating Gus and his calls on the BTN.

While this is obviously good news for college basketball fans, it’s depressing to think come March we’ll all be in HEARTBREAK CITY as we enter a new world where Gus Johnson isn’t one of the voices of the greatest tournament of them all. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we have to… for now, let’s just get excited that college basketball season is only a few days away.