After the week that Penn State has had, many of you may be wondering how on earth someone can make light of this child rape investigation. But if you were around a TV on Saturday night and witnessed SNL, you probably are thinking that they handled this situation about as best as humanly possible.

In the SNL news segment, Seth Meyers introduces Jason Sudeikis (the Devil) and begins to describe the entire situation to him, knowing nothing about what has transpired. The Devil actually gets so disgusted, he starts ranting about how terribly everyone in this situation has handled the events that have transpired.

When the Prince of Darkness is calling Sandusky a monster, warning rioting students about their actions, and scolding Joe Pa for not reporting these allegations to the police, that’s pretty bad.

So while you can never make light of a child rape scandal, in a story that is too big too ignore, SNL skillfully cracks on the idiots that performed these actions and the ones that never did enough to stop it.