Herm Edwards Brings It At Rookie Symposium

From what I gather, the rookie symposium consists of presentations that fall into two buckets. 1) Don’t be an idiot 2) You should really know this stuff (how to manage money) but a lot of you didn’t really get real educations.

I am sure somewhere during all the PowerPoints, a lot of rookies doze off so that’s why it’s good to have an individual really shake it up with a very hard hitting presentation. Enter ESPN’s Herm Edwards:


That’s the cliff notes version. You can watch the entire presentation here

High marks to Edwards and the NFLPA for selecting him as a speaker. Edwards brings perspective as a player, coach, and television personality so his insight comes from a lot of different angles. But more importantly he’s an enthusiastic speaker who isn’t inhibited by going through the motions and being a cookie cutter personality. That’s never been his style so he’s an ideal candidate to come out and emphasize a lot of possible pitfalls to young NFL players. Now if only Edwards could double as a mediator for the collective bargaining agreement.

Ben Koo

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