Let me first say that I like Dan Dakich as a color commentator. He’s one of the few that manages to be insightful without having an overbearing personality that draws away from the game. But, one of my color commentator annoyances is when they decide to break out the clipboard and draw up a play that they feel is a winner in a crucial spot in a game. It’s just kind of tacky thinking that they know precisely what to do when it matters most with players they have no intimate knowledge of. Unfortunately for Dan, he decided to draw up a play in a one point game in overtime during the Michigan State/Wisconsin game tonight. Usually these plays are something simple, like a pick and roll or something akin to that difficulty that isn’t hard for fans to understand. Maybe it was MSU embarassingly blasting livin’ on a prayer at this point of the game that added to my confusion, but Dan’s play tonight was a bit all over the place. There were squiggles and dashes and circles just popping up everywhere. Wiscy didn’t decide to run that play, instead they went with what was mostly an isolation play with Jordan Taylor that didn’t result in a bucket as MSU held on to win at the Breslin Center tonight.