Here’s Video Of Brian Wilson Being Brian Wilson On College Gameday

We’ve seen Brian Wilson do a lot of weirdly awesome things.  Whether it’s in interviews, commercials, or even pregame introductions at the All Star Game, Brian Wilson always brings his eccentric fastball.  Wilson, who played collegiately at LSU, was asked to be the special guest picker on ESPN’s College Gameday before the LSU-Bama game and clearly came dressed for the occasion.  Whether you’re still a fan of Wilson’s gimmick or not, you have to give him credit for this – he’s played the role of unbalanced yet sympathetic nutjob for much, much longer than Charlie Sheen was able to.  So, when he was asked for his pick on a game involving the Razorbacks and the Gamecocks, well, you can probably guess how that went… (h/t SportsGrid)

“You got the Backs vs the Cocks… never bet against the Cocks.  I’m going with South Carolina.”Brian Wilson

[Video via SportsGrid, pic via Hardball Talk]

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