We are just hours away from the start of one of the nerdiest events of the sporting year, the NFL Draft. It’s the conclusion of months of daily NFL Live shows on ESPN and weeks of banter between various “draft gurus.” If we are lucky, this will finally be the year that Kiper snaps and takes a swing at McShay.

Up above is the hype video from SportsCenter from DJ Steve Porter that has been making its rounds on the internet. If you’ve wanted to hear what Chris Berman and Mel Kiper would sound like if they were in a quasi-rap song and autotuned to hell, then you’ll love this! My highlight of this video is certainly the shots of Jaws from the 94 Draft around the 2 minute mark.

Another link that you’ll certainly find useful is this NFL Draft 2011 drinking game from Gunaxin. There certainly is lots of “upside” to this game. The downside is you’ll be blacked out by pick 13.

Stay tuned, we’ll have an open thread tonight to celebrate the draft.