In October 2009, Jim Nantz, 51, divorced his wife of 26 years, Lorrie, because her “foibles” ultimately killed the marriage. According to Nantz, she progressively lost interest in his career, so much that she could not even be troubled to travel with him to receive a “Man of the Year” award in New York City. Both parties cried at the divorce proceedings and Nantz was ordered to pay $916,000 a year in child support and alimony.

I guess what made the divorce more newsworthy than it should’ve been was the fact that Nantz admitted to getting in the booth with another, much younger woman, Courtney Richards, before the divorce was final. Now, Nantz is engaged to her, who is 20 years his younger:

Nantz, 51, proposed to Courtney Richards, 31 — whom he met during his book tour before his divorce was final — on Sept. 14 while on vacation with his close friend George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush and Jeb Bush at the Bush compound Walker’s Point in Maine.

Nantz denied the engagement for a few months, but has finally changed out of that skirt and confirmed the impending nuptials. In completely unrelated news, Jim Nantz and Dave Feherty will provide commentary for the “Tigers Woods PGA Tour ’12: The Masters” video game, which will be released on March 29.

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