It was a bit unclear who would be calling the conference championship games for Fox next weekend, but USA Today has confirmed that Fox’s A team will announce both games:

“Fox will announce today that its lead on-air college football team —Gus Johnson and analysts Charles Davis and Tim Brewster— will call its prime-time Pac-12 title game Dec. 2 and its prime-time Big Ten title game Dec. 3. “We’ll roll the dice,” Fox Sports President Eric Shanks says. “It’s hard to tell either conference you wouldn’t give them your lead crew.”

Most have given Johnson and Davis high marks this season in their work on FX. Given Fox is known for not being particularly deep in their announcing talent, I think most will embrace the move of doubling down on Johnson and the rest of that crew. 

Fox will be alternating the Pac 12 Championship game with ESPN starting in 2012 (with Fox leading off), but landed this year’s exclusive television rights before reaching that long term arrangement with ESPN.

Fox also has exclusive rights for the Big Ten Championship game through 2016, somewhat of an odd arrangement given no Big Ten games will air on Fox or FX during those years.

Unfortunately, neither game will have National Championship intrigue, which is somewhat of a downer for Fox, as well as fans who hate hearing chants of “SEC” at sporting events.

For those of you who still haven’t checked out Gus Johnson calling a college football game, this is what you’re missing.

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