I can’t say that I’m a regular watcher of Tosh.0, but this video may change my mind.  I have no idea how he got Gus Johnson and “Boom Goes The Dynamite” Brian Collins together in one place at one time, but he did, and the result is awesomeness.  Evidently this skit revolves around Daniel Tosh giving Collins the chance to redeem himself for pretty much the most awful video in the history of the internet (besides Rebecca Black) for the appropriately named Web Redemption.  Tosh even brings Collins together with Gus Johnson to call a fake pick-up game.  Gus brings it as you would expect, even adding patented lines like “Rise and Fire,” but Brian Collins even has his funny moments calling the fake game as well!  I’m serious!  In fact, Gus probably has better chemistry with the Boom Goes the Dynamite guy than he did with Reggie Miller.  

However, the star of this clip is not Gus or Boom Goes the Dyanmite, it’s Tosh.  In probably the greatest rant related to announcing and the sports media I’ve ever heard, he takes down Joe Buck, ESPN, Chris Berman, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso, Frank Caliendo, Lou Holtz, Mel Kiper, Marv Albert, Dana Jacobsen, sideline reporters, and Harry Caray with impeccable wit and precision.  For the pick-up game, he mocks Craig Sager with a ridiculously colored suit.  In Tosh’s interview with Collins, we learn that “Boom Goes the Dynamite” comes from getting hit by the green shells in Mario Kart.  I hated those things.  I would tell you more, but the whole segment is simply one of the most hilarious skits I’ve seen in a long time.  Kick your feet up and enjoy!

And just for old time’s sake, here’s the video that started all the fun…

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