Gus IS Human, Flubs Last Second Call

Oh no.  It’s the moment that all Gus fans have dreaded.  “Rise and Fire” himself botched a call at the end of a Tournament game…… GASP!!!  At the end of regulation during the BYU-Florida game this evening, Gus asked his partners if BYU should foul.  This would have been fine if the game wasn’t knotted up at the time…

“If you’re BYU, do you foul here…. at all?”- Gus Johnson “NO!!!”- declared Reggie Miller.  Obviously Gus thought BYU was still down one, which is an honest mistake, but come on….YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT, Johnson!!! I mean Reggie Miller had to call you out.  Geez.  In other news, Florida just officially destroyed my already destroyed bracket.