I’m not sure what to make of this high school video of Fox-bore-o beating Canton in a state playoff game on a buzzer-beating prayer by Pat Smith. Three other sites have posted the same video and have different insight. Deadspin thinks we’ll never hear an announcer less enthused over a 60-foot buzzer beater. Barstool isn’t sure if it was shot yesterday or in 1982 and doesn’t understand why there’s nothing else on the game on the interwebz. SportsGrid was the third of the three to post on it. They think it was 10-feet deeper than Deadspin and wonders if it happened a year earlier than Barstool (fudging those numbers is a good way to detract the other two from thinking you read their posts). SportsGrid adds something of substance the others don’t, though — the announcer is supposedly Tim Hagerty and he’s currently announcing for the San Diego Padres’ Triple-A affiliate. Tim Hagerty just happens to be the guy who emailed us this video. Here’s your post, Timmy.

You should also listen to his interview with Rickey Henderson. It’s goooooooood. I really mean that.