If you were to say to someone “hey you know who Cleatus is?” Their response would probably be “that guy from the Simpsons with 37 kids?” Or if you happen to live in the South, you might actually know a few Cleatuses that run ‘round these parts.

Unfortunately for this article, both of those responses are wrong as we are talking about the robot Fox Sports so affectionately loves, who might be involved in a sexual harassment case just as his action figures are hitting the shelves for the holiday season.

Cleatus the Robot was introduced in 2007 and named by a viewer in a contest (any guesses as to what part of the country he is from!?!) and has been the official mascot of Fox NFL Sunday ever since. He’s become somewhat popular. In fact, other characters have been spun off such as Scooter, the short-lived annoying MLB baseball, and Digger, the NASCAR animated gopher.

But Cleatus’ popularity may soon come to a crashing halt at the worst time of the busy shopping year because it seems he can’t keep his robot hands off a very attractive toaster, got caught shooting up a night club, and pending a paternity test could have fathered a cyborg out of wedlock… (video slightly NSFW)


Cleatus appears to have gone all Herman Cain on us, it’s a sad day for robot fans everywhere.