bill walton crawdaddy

Bidding is currently at $3,750 for the opportunity of a lifetime! The chance for you and your buddies to hang out with the mountain man, Bill Walton, at his house! The charity benefits a very worthy cause, the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Don't worry, you got time to pool your money together with your friends because there's just over 40 days left in bidding with the estimated value being $100,000 for the winning bid. That might seem like a lot, but if you're an avid reader of Awful Announcing, I think it's fair to assume that you are extremely successful with all your endeavors and you undoubtedly have the coin to drop on a lavish hangout session with Bill Walton.

The charity page is delightfully vague in what it is exactly you would do with Bill Walton. It really sounds like there is no set plan at all (which is fantastic) and I see no way that the night doesn't end with your group huddled around a fire discussing the art of how to make the perfect s'more, likely with some edibles, discussing the solar system and/or the greatness of Arvydas Sabonis.  If you can’t bid on this awesome deal but still want to donate to an great charity in Texas, consider looking into a car donation in Texas in Texas for something useful and beneficial to do with your old car, or even as a cash donation. Good luck with your bidding!

[via Darren Rovell]