This is about the strangest story I’ve seen in the 10 months I’ve been on board Awful Announcing.  The Florida International University football program is perhaps best known for this massive brawl against the crosstown Miami Hurricanes a few years ago.  FIU’s athletic department is also notable for their recent ridiculous Isaiah Thomas coaching hire.  Well, the university is back in the news once again for a strange reason.  The (FI) U has made another publicity seeking, head scratching move.  I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but the school has hired former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez as their football play by play man for the upcoming season.  You can’t make this stuff up.  From NBC Miami

The controversial former local news anchor with a flair for the overdramatic that landed him on CNN is reportedly lending his voice to Florida International University football games this fall.

FIU’s athletic department confirmed Sanchez will be in the radio booth during games this season, but did not release how much he will be paid or for how long he will call games.

Sanchez was fired by CNN in October after some controversial comments he made about The Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his employer.

When I want a play by play man for my favorite university, the first group of people that come to mind are former cable TV news hosts.  Were Keith Olbermann, Eliot Spitzer, and Larry King not available?!?!  Did Glenn Beck demand too much money?

Seriously, is this a joke?  Rick Sanchez?!?  The same Rick Sanchez that was fired from CNN because of his belief in the vast Jewish media conspiracy theory?  I’m not saying he’ll be terrible, but never, ever, ever have I thought to myself… “Wow, you know who would make a great football announcer… RICK SANCHEZ!”  Evidently, he’s a big supporter of the university and has played some football before.  Best of luck to him, but I never even thought Sanchez was good in his job as a cable newsman, let alone his potential as a football announcer.  Just watch this hilarious Youtube montage of some of his more facepalm worthy moments from CNN…

At the very least, we should have plenty of great, new material for the Pammies this Fall.  Who wants to be our FIU correspondent…

[NBC Miami]

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