Fox’s NFL coverage has taken some pretty stern blows from AA over the recent months.  From their decision to play silly music during the games to their lack of broadcasting talent, they’ve truly fallen behind the NFL pack of networks.  But, a small decision by FOX might show that they are starting to listen to outside criticism, at least just a little bit.

During last week’s Bears/Seahawks game Chicago institution Jim Cornelison, famous for singing the national anthem at Blackhawks games, gave one of the most stirring renditions of the Star Spangled Banner seen at a sporting event.  Much like his appearances at the United Center, the crowd met the anthem with raucous applause throughout.  See for yourself below…

It was the greatest marriage of America and football since Ricky Stanzi.  Really, this ranks right next to Marvin Gaye in terms of anthems at sporting events.  After such an outstanding performance, Bears fans expected Cornelison to be back for the NFC Championship, except for the fact that FOX and the NFL choose who sings the anthem at the Championship Games.  Enter American Idol stiff Lee Dewyze.  Now, Dewyze is actually a Chicagoland native, but it’s also a little too convenient that FOX would use the opportunity to cross-promote American Idol with the NFL.  Naturally, fans of the Bears were not pleased.  Chicago safety Chris Harris even chimed in with this tweet:

Dear NFL @LeeDeWyze is a great singer and very talented but Jim Cornelison is #ThatGuy #Amazing # Unbelievable #TheBest #Electric

Shockingly, Fox Sports actually relented to the pressure and installed Cornelison as the singer for the national anthem, with DeWyze performing at halftime.  Once again, this probably isn’t a major deal, but it does show Fox Sports can listen to the outcry of fans every once in a while.  So, at least we can hold out hope that the Super Bowl won’t be ruined by too many red carpet interviews or overly-dramatic music. Now, if we could only do something about that Joe Buck problem…

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