After a week of excerpts, publicity, and hype, Those Guys Have All The Fun, the ESPN tell all book, is released today.  We published two excerpts already about Tony Kornheiser’s departure from Monday Night Football and Bill Simmons with some sure-to-be controversial comments on life in Bristol.  Those Guys Have All The Fun is the most anticipated sports book of the year and probably the most anticipated sports media book of all the times.  The book is now on sale so you can read all the juicy excerpts and the story of how ESPN rose from a crazy idea nobody thought would succeed to the most powerful, successful entity in sports.  

I hope to post a review at the end of the week, but I’m only about halfway through the behemoth.  (I’ve done less reading in a semester of grad school.)  It’s true that there are juicy, page-turning salacious details… but, the majority of the book is hearing from executives and insiders on the story of ESPN’s growth as a network and a business.  You may think that this is a downer, but I’ve found those details to be very interesting and enlightening because of the characters and the conflict throughout the book.  Other younger fans may just be interested in the last decade and hearing from guys like Kornheiser, Simmons, and others.  Others may just try to find the sex and drug stories.  In truth, there’s something for everyone in the book, you just have to find it if you’re not interested in the entire 750 page narrative.

This is where you come in – leave your thoughts and comments on the ESPN book release below in this Open Thread.  If you’ve read any part of the book, this is your place to go for discussion, questions, and reaction.  Also, we’ve booked an interview with James Andrew Miller, one of the authors of Those Guys, for next week.  If there are questions that you’d like us to ask Miller, leave them below as well.  We will try to ask Miller some of our best reader questions in the interview next week.  Until then, happy reading!

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