Update: We’ve tracked down video of how Andrews got splashed. At the bottom of this post.

And no she wasn’t wearing a white shirt as everyone’s immediate response on Twitter and FB has almost uniformly been “What color shirt was she wearing?”

At the end of what was an instant classic game, Baylor threw a wrench in Oklahoma’s BCS Championship Game plans via a game winning touchdown with 8 seconds left.  The end result was euphoric bedlam in Waco.

While at this time there is no video of that actual dousing (we’re dying to know who, how, and when), Andrews took this video after the game and posted it to her Youtube account and later tweeted the link out. What a social media savvy foxy lady. As you can see below, she was in pretty good spirits about the unexpected celebration.


Kudos to Andrews for not going all Tim McCarver about the incident. This seemed to have gone mostly unnoticed until Andrews mentioned it on Twitter as she seemed to embrace the moment. I’m sure some folks will cry foul there.

If anyone has a link to the video, we’d love to see it. I tuned away from the game shortly after her interview with RG3. Looking at Twitter it seems she ended up in a “crazy mosh pit of fans” that had some worried about her safety. Shortly after… boom city.

Some fans tear down the goal posts, others riot, but apparently in Waco, you find the insanely famous sideline reporter and give her a Gatorade bath. For now, this innovation in celebration seems to have the lowest percentage chance of being sprayed with pepper spray so maybe there is something to this. 


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