Barcelona once again got the best of Real Madrid this weekend in the latest Clasico, winning 3-1 on the road at the Santiago Bernabeu.  It was Barca’s sixth win in their last seven La Liga games against their rivals (with one draw) and puts them level with Madrid for top spot in the league.  It was a wild game with fluky goals both ways, but Barcelona’s world class talent and tactical maneuvering won the day.  (For the hardcore soccer fans, Jonathan Wilson at SI and Zonal Marking’s breakdown of the game are must reads.)

But we’re here to talk about one of my favorite announcers, Ray Hudson of Gol TV.  The mad scientist of announcers was at his excitable best for the high profile game.  While I usually abhor analysts that shout over their play by play men, Ray is the one exception to the rule.  His unique way with words is unlike any other announcer and a lot of credit should go to his partner Phil Schoen for allowing Ray the leeway to be who he is… a screaming, philosophizing, entertaining madman.  Below are the highlights of the Barcelona-Real Madrid game with Hudson and Schoen’s commentary and some of the best Ray Hudson quotes below…

“Ramos slips like Bambi on ice and Leo’s in…”

“There’s plenty of meat and potatoes on his header.”


“GAHHH!!!… It’s a paradigm of everything that Barcelona is brilliant at and it’s Lionel Messi again… Lionel, the dagger’s out for him, he slots it through, and Sanchez has got no time.  One touch to control, another caress of it and a wonderful slingshot.”

“It’s chameleon eyes I believe that strikes it with just enough technique to take it towards goal but it takes a wicked deflection, and the saints ain’t smilin’ on Saint Iker now.  This is a gangster goal from Barcelona and it’s Xavi that’s holding the revolver.” 

“AAAYYAAAHHH!!!  Astonishing miss… this is food and drink for Cristiano and that is a horrendous miss!”

“Fabregas doesn’t get his dagger out here, he gets his big harpoon and puts it into Real Madrid.”

“It’s lightning speed counterattack, but with glinting blades like Edward Scissorhands, Barcelona cuts Real Madrid down to size.”

“Great ball… well played… nicely… AAAHHHH… not so sure if big Benz is going for goal, I think he is, and he’s not far away.  Wonderful.  He puts Carlos Puyol on his back like a turtle…”

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