Happy National Championship day! We are currently lathered up in Tostitos after almost 6 weeks of previews for tonight’s game. Obviously, all previews can’t be winners, but this is just the worst in my opinion. ESPN has been running a couple of these with Desmond Howard breaking down the game through EA Sports NCAA 11 Football. I decided to record this one a couple days ago (Harbaugh to SF!), just because I felt it was so pointless and apparently I thought you wanted to see something I deemed pointless I guess? I hope ESPN does realize that the “players” in this video are not actually real, right? Like, they know that Casey Matthews in the game honoring the hand off isn’t actually the real Casey Matthews, right? I mean, I remember this game for years through simulations telling me that North Texas was ready for one of the greatest dynasty runs in modern College Football. This was fine, because it is a videogame, and thus not real. But, with this video ESPN is attempting to compare videogame logic and thinking to actions of real living people just doesn’t work on really any level. Plus, Desmond has some weak graphics.