My goodness.  What is up with Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit causing all of these typos and botches of grandeur.  First, it was CNN giving him credit for 3,000 “homers” instead of hits.  That’s just slightly understandable because Derek Jeter became only the second major leaguer to collect his 3,000th hit on a home run, joining Wade Boggs.  Since this is Jeter and the Yankees though, you just knew that our old friend John Sterling had to get in on the act.  First off, let’s hear the TV and radio calls from Michael Kay on YES Network and then Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WCBS radio in New York.

Both of the calls of Kay and Sterling are actually pretty good and not too over-dramatized for the moment.  Shocking, I know.  I laughed out loud though at just how ridiculously over-the-top the gushing praise of Jeter is once the celebratory aspects kick in.  Suzyn Waldman describing Jeter waving to the fans actually moves me to reach for the tissues as I write this.  Evidently, the monumental emotion for the magnificent Yankee carried to the postgame where John Sterling was running down the particulars of what happened at the new Yankee Stadium.  He was so moved by the afternoon that he thought Jeter’s home run actually counted for 2,000 hits instead of 1.  Again, understandable, he is the Yankee captain after all, but if my math is correct, he won’t really be approaching 5,000 hits until 2027.  Listen closely…

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