News anchor banter is usually a lighthearted affair. This however was not the case on FOX 5 in Washington DC as anchor Maureen Umeh segued to sports by very matter of factly saying that the Redskins chances against the Patriots were bleak as long as Tom Brady was breathing. Pretty dark stuff there. Still, it’s hard to disagree in the slightest with her analysis.

Usually when someone says something unfortunate on live TV, it’s encouraged just to continue as if nothing odd had just happened. Sports Director Dave Feldman was going to have none of that. Instead, he brought it up immediately and prolonged the awkwardness. Umeh this time said she didn’t wish death on Brady, just that maybe he would have to disappear if Washington was going to have a chance. Or, as it’s more commonly known, the Celtic Pride strategy (sidenote: If you have way too much time, the entire movie is on Youtube). Feldman ended the painful transition by saying that maybe wishing an injury instead of death might be nicer. Plenty of awkward laughter by both and thankfully this funny sequence will always exist in the annals of the internet.

As you know, a very much alive Tom Brady torched the Skins for over 350 yards and 3 TD’s as the Patriots won, 34-27.

[Mr. Irrelevant]