David Feherty Gets Hit In The Groin

There may be nothing in the universe that is funnier than a man getting hit in the groin… unless it happens to you of course.  But, when that unique and momentary pain and misery is unleashed on another human being, it is hilarious.  When that man is CBS golf announcer David Feherty, wearing a ridiculous target suit, being hit by a little kid, we reach the stratosphere of guys getting hit in the groin videos…

This video is definitely near the top of the list for all-time groin shots, but it still can’t touch #1 – the legendary Hans Moleman.  I think the following clip may be one of the defining moments of my childhood.  And, who better to summarize why it’s so funny than Homer Simpson himself…

“But, the ball, his groin, aha, it works on so many levels!”

Wise words my friend, wise words.

Matt Yoder

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