We’ve covered the growth of soccer in the sports and media landscape here at AA over the last several months, from interviewing the sublime Ian Darke, to telling you about the new MLS/NBC contract, to covering FOX’s foray into televising the English Premier League on a national broadcast network.  By the way, according to SBJ’s Austin Karp, the tape-delayed Manchester United/Chelsea match on FOX yesterday brought better ratings than the PGA Tour Playoffs!  Even the most hateful of soccer haters has to admit the beautiful game is growing in popularity around the country.

But then again, you watch a clip like the following and just wonder if soccer will ever break through the glass ceiling in this country.  You’re about to see the most famous soccer player in the world, David Beckham, go undercover on the daytime talk show Ellen selling his own cologne at a random Target store. Somehow, throughout the entire skit, nobody notices the world’s most famous footballer selling his own cologne.  And it’s not like Becks borrowed a disguise from Baron von Costume’s Deluxe Disguise Kit (obscure Simpsons reference, check!).   

Give Becks credit for being a good sport as he’s ordered to act like a fool by Ellen in this humorous clip. Let’s face it, if you put Beckham in front of a store in London the man would literally be ripped to shreds. I especially love Becks’ poor attempt at acting like a Texan and his constant misunderstanding of Ellen’s directions.  And yes, if I can get my AA press credential in time for the Galaxy’s trip to Columbus this Saturday, I’ll ask Beckham if he thinks soccer has finally “made it” in the US.  Until then though, let’s allow the soccer haters another chance to point and laugh at the lack of recognition for the one “grass fairy” who was supposed to be the most recent soccer messiah in the good old U.S. of A.

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